Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So I gathered together some Halloween images today. Sorry Erica, no trick-or-treaters... Parents get a little unhappy when strangers take their kids photo! I did however get some great shots of the masks we made today in school. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

Three girls show off their fine masks.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from First Grade!

Our other Halloween craft today in school.

Lights decorating our porch.

A couple of fine looking pumpkins.

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The Turtle

Happy Halloween! I do really love this holiday... everywhere except the classroom. There is no other day that has the ability to wreck an entire week of school. Yesterday, the kids were frothing at the mouth with anticipation. Today, they will just besides themselves, and we will do lots of craft projects. Tomorrow (and the rest of the week really) they will overtired and pumped full of sugar. That said, I sooo cannot wait for my little trick-or-treaters to come this year! They are all too cute.

I have no Halloween themed pictures... so here are some of an adorable turtle at that crazy aquarium!

Looking for food.

Yum. Fish chunks.

A random anemone.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crazy Aquarium

One of the many benefits of having a local sail you around is that you are taken to the most hidden jems that you would have never stumbled upon in a million years. This crazy aquarium was just one of those places. It is located on St. Georges caye, and is really just a bunch of huge tanks built out of whatever was handy at the time and populated with fish scooped out of the ocean. The knowledge that was supplied with the "tour" was absolutely awesome, and we even got to watch as they fed the fish for us.

Everyone knows how much I love seahorses. Aren't these little guys too beautiful?

Rather scary Caribbean lobsters.

Fun little puffer fish.

I liked this photo because not only do you see the very cute little purple and gold fishes, you see the reflections of myself, Deirdre, and Eric.

Stay tuned... More aquarium pictures to come...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Jack Frost

Brrr... First frost falls (I just taught alliteration, so I'm in that mode I suppose! Haha!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last bit of Fall

Very fitting that on this incredibly chilly Oct day, I'm showing my last bit of fall color. Winter is definitely knocking on the door. Brrr.... Time to get out the big, puffy, warm recess duty parka!

Looking up through the leaves.

Idyllic spot to read.

Close up of the colors.

While lacking in the vibrant colors, this may actually be my favorite shot of that afternoon.
So peaceful and quiet.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Birch Trees

With Erica as my photography buddy... How could we bypass the birch trees?

Erica sets up her large format camera and catches me in the act of taking her picture.

The meadow. The sun was just beautiful this evening. The trees were practically glowing.

These were various close-ups I took of the trees. Somehow, the close ones seem to capture the essence of the tree better than the wide angle full meadow shots.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Favorite Season...

...is definitely fall. Inspired by Rachel, Erica and I took up our cameras and went off in search of the fall colors. While Rachel was quite correct in the fact that the peak was last Friday, we did still manage to find some of that famous New England beauty on the mean streets of JP.

Lovely against that blue October sky.

This year, yellow was my favorite color.

Inside the tree.

Outside the tree.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gone Fishing

What a week! I don't think I've been this tired since I finished my masters!! I've been meaning to post, but just haven't had the energy... Also, I'm just going to try to finish up the Belize trip by the end of Oct, so here is a rather large posting all about our fishing adventures on the cat.

Our first catch of the trip was this lovely spanish mackerel...

...which turned into 5 lovely fillets for us to bread, fry, and eat.

Then, after a misadventure with a cormorant who was lured by our lure, we took a stroll outside the reef into the deep ocean. We spotted the amazing sight of a feeding frenzy, what Horace believed to be tuna (yum) but we lost it when we turned the boat. However within 10 minutes, Horace was shouting FISH ON! FISH! Zeth took up the pole and started reeling... At first, Horace believed our catch to be a barracuda (no one was thrilled by that), but then in a leap of pure joy, Horace shouted WAHOO!

None of us knew why he was so excited as we still thought we were reeling in a barracuda, but if you read this wiki entry about the Wahoo, you will understand. After the confusion cleared, and Horace threatened Zeth with throwing him off the boat if he lost this fish, we reeled in this 40 lb beauty of a Wahoo.

According to Horace, this is some of the best eating the ocean provides, and we proudly declared to any other boat that came in contact with us that we were dining on Wahoo that night.

Back inside the reef, Horace scaled, cleaned, and sliced up our catch. We got approx 20 steaks of this size and quality from this fish. We couldn't eat it all, so every time Horace ran into someone he knew, we gave away some Wahoo steaks. People loved us!

For our first meal, Horace layered a 9x11 with our steaks, and covered them with veggies and some sort of tasty broth.

With a side of rice, this was the second to best meal we ate on this trip.

The best was when we rubbed Belizean Jerk Spices onto the Wahoo and grilled it on our little charcoal grill. It was so good, that after this shot, we forgot to take any pictures of it!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Great weekend in the Big Apple with lots to celebrate. Our aptly named "Sex and the Kitty" bacholorette party was very fun. We started the evening with the Sex and the City tour. This was followed by some games in the hotel room. Then we dressed up and headed out for dinner, drinks, and dancing. Any night you end up dancing to pounding 80s music is a fabulous night in my book! =)

Erica, myself, Kitty, Deirdre, Erin, and Carrie are sitting on Carrie Bradshaw's front steps!!

Movin' and grovin' at the Culture Club.

Debris on the table the next day.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall comes to Denver

Before I head on down to the big apple this weekend to help Cate celebrate her upcoming nuptiuals... (and my birthday, I do so love when it falls on a Friday! Whoo, spooky!) I thought I'd finish up some of my favorite pictures from Denver.

Meg gives Bijou some love and cuddles.

Matthew (age 1) makes himself comfortable on the floor of Meg & Rob's new house.
Actually, we all were on the floor as the house is so new, it still lacks some of the essentials...like furniture! (Hey, congrats again Rob & Meg! Welcome to the joys of home ownership.)

Fall finds Denver on a rather dreary, cold day.

View of the outside of the new abode. Too cute!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Art and Candids

Inside the museum, I amused myself by taking candids... but then I fell in love with some of the paintings, so I decided to snap those too! I know it's a bit weird to take (and post) pictures of paintings, but I wanted to be able to remember them (and share them with you).

Rob amuses Matthew by taking his picture.

Meg and Rob listen to music provided by the museum while they check out the artwork.

Matthew contemplates art and how to best notify us that it is officially dinnertime.

The inner stairs in the museum. The glowing bits are numbers that change at different intervals.

I love how you can see they are cows even though they are abstract.

Fall is my favorite season, and this just captures the mood so well.

Wide open spaces.

Many varieties of grass painted so amazingly. Meg described it best when she said it was grass in high-definition.

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