Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Girls

Normally when I'm speaking about "the girls" I mean my girlfriends (or, yes, Josh, sometimes I suppose I mean those too...) But now I have two new girls to think of!! Eric & I had our 18 week ultrasound this Friday and found out that we will be blessed with two little girls this fall! I cannot wait to meet them. I sure hope they have Eric's cute little curls (instead of my bald until 2 yr old head...) While Liam (see below) proves that bald can be beautiful, I'd just love to put little bows in their blond curls!

The pictures below are from a wonderful weekend spent in DC (early June-cherry blossoms were lovely!) with most of my original girls and the latest addition, Liam (Annika & Steve's handsome fellow) who was a bit overwhelmed by the noise and excitement, but later happily settled in for a group shot. He even tried to 'hi-five' baby boy Milliken (due in August)!

Oh my! Are you all looking at me?
(Annika holds Liam)

Yay! Girls-weekend rocks!
Myself, Deirdre, Cate, Annika, and a happy Liam.
(Oh, and, yes, I cut all my hair off again! 14 inches this time!!)