Monday, January 19, 2009

The Slopes

Decided to post these photos in honor of the crazy storms we keep having here in New England. I honestly can't believe the amount of snow on the ground. In fact, the pile next to our driveway is almost as tall as I am!!

We were lucky to have some great days boarding while in UT for xmas. Here are some shots from our trip to Brighton (which is usually boarder haven but where oddly, this day the ratio of boarders to skiers was closer to 50% instead). I don't mind sharing the mountain in the slightest though, so long as no one runs into me or over my board!

At the top of the mountain.

Eric being cool...

...while Erica poses for the camera.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Welcome to 2009! May it not suck quite as much as the second half of 2008. I must say, the year started off well as we celebrated with good friends and a fair number of gin & tonics =) And really, at this point, is there anywhere to go but up?

Erica poses with drink and 2009 paraphernalia.

Mumford captures Eric & I 'being photogenic' according to Colleen.

I capture Erica & Colleen with the next round!

I wish the best for everyone in this new year! I hope dreams come true, wishes are fulfilled, and overall peace and joy fill your lives. May you always have good friends and plenty of drinks =)