Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Children's Museum

Has it really been since Valentine's Day since I last posted?? Sorry about that... March is just the worst month. But spring is in the air now and I'm flush with photos from my nephew's latest visit. I had to laugh as Rachel posted this photo of Zach in the bobcat which I think was taken the day after I took this of Fionn at the Children's Museum!

Fionn loves construction vehicles. It was quite the endeavor to pry him out of the Bobcat at closing time. Yes, Rachel, I think it is a boy thing.

Fionn and Kevin enjoy the golf ball room, which I admit freaked me out a bit. I hate small objects whizzing by my head at high speed. Oh, and yes, that is a helmet (and kneepads) you've been seeing... No, Kim isn't overprotective, Fionn decided he wanted to wear it and you really just don't argue that with a 2 year old. I'll admit to wishing I had a helmet of my own in this room.

Uncle Merc teaches how levers work in the water room.

Fionn as a bubble-head.