Thursday, June 28, 2007


School is out!! I was taking a couple of days to relax and recoup (mostly on the sofa rereading my Harry Potter books in anticipation for the next release) but think I've finally scraped together enough energy to post some photos for you ;) I have a huge backlog of things I haven't even had the time to download off the camera so hopefully I'll have enough material to post consistently for awhile. These are some images from our zip line adventure in Jamaica.

The empty equipment.

Eric swinging in the trees.

And myself (yes, I did manage to overcome my fear of heights, but it was less a leap of the platform and more a dragging of the toes in desperation to hold on!)

A shot of Eric & I in our gear still at the end of the course.

And another of us... just because I was proud of taking a decent self-portrait. Mine are normally terrible!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rainy Weekend

The next person who makes a comment about school 'winding down' will have to duck as I start throwing anything in reach. Who knew that the end of the school year could be so insane? But, I did find the time this weekend to reach into the Jamaica photos and find these.

While there was the occasional rain shower... was mostly spectacular weather!

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